Luis Suarez Leaves His Mark on the World Cup Once Again

June 25th, 2014 by Admin

This article originally appeared at Soccer Classroom


While his tactics are heinous, you cannot argue with the results! – (Photo:

Well Luis Suarez has done it again, folks!  Just 4 years removed from World Cup infamy for a blatant handball to help his Uruguayan side along to the semifinals of South Africa 2010, Suarez today lost his nerve and bit Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini during his team’s 1-0 win.  But while his heinous act once again overshadows a victorious occasion for Uruguay, it proved instrumental in helping his team progress to the knockout rounds and dispose of Italy, one of the tournament’s contenders.

Just a minute after Suarez bit Chiellini, the Uruguayans won a corner kick.  While Italian players’ hearts and focus were probably still fuming from the injustice (especially considering their earlier red card and player disadvantage), Uruguay’s Diego Godin rose up to send in the header that killed off Italy from the 2014 World Cup!

Say all what you want about Suarez and how he should never feature in a soccer game again, but his controversial moves seem to always lift his team and help them through.  His silly antics caused the Italians to lose their focus for just one moment, and that was all his team needed.

And in some strange way, I don’t feel all that bad about it.  I came into this game expecting a heavyweight showdown between two great soccer teams, but then reality struck; the same reality that so often comes from major matches featuring Italy: they suck the life out of every game!

Italy’s tactics have always been about defending to no end, frustrating their opponents to death, and then snatching a lone goal to see them through.  I hate watching them.  Their games are a bore, and their over-zealous celebrations slap in the face of a casual fan looking for a great game.  Learning about great Italian soccer players and their passion has often led me to want to take in this “breathtaking” soccer team, but I’m always left disappointed.

Today, Italy merely had to draw 0-0 to progress, and they seemed quite intent on doing just that.  They lazily took their time at every possible moment of the game.  Their players spent more time on their butts than an amateur snowboarder does, and they played according to plan: they sucked the life out of the game.  They even subbed off their one exciting player, Mario Balotelli, at halftime in the effort to contain the game.  In all honesty, I don’t recall a single legitimate goal scoring chance by Italy in the entire game.  Does anybody actually want to see a team like that succeed?

But they messed it up.  Claudio Marchisio got a senseless red card and Uruguay was invited back into the game.  Down a man, Italy was unable to continue their life-sucking methods in the match as the Uruguayans more and more desperately sought out that elusive goal.  Unfortunately, Luis Suarez had to resort to some pathetic and terrible act to really throw the Italians off their course, but in the end I feel that move actually helped contribute to securing the win for his country.

Yes, Luis Suarez will be suspended for the rest of the 2014 World Cup and will miss the opportunity to help his team in the biggest of matches, just like his suspension did in 2010, but there’s no doubt in my mind that he has done his part to help his team at this tournament.  His two-goal performance against England was pure magic, and as horrible as his bite was to watch, it did throw the Italians off their lame game and give Uruguay the victory.  And besides, what good would a World Cup of soccer be without a bit of controversy?  So for now, I say goodbye to Luis Suarez and praise this madman for leaving his mark on this tournament (and the arm of Giorgio Chiellini)!

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Hark! A Sport Armband for iPhone 5 That Could Improve Your Exercise

June 24th, 2014 by Admin

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Luis Suarez Gets Revenge and Breaks English Hearts

June 22nd, 2014 by Admin

This article originally appeared at Soccer Classroom


Suarez got the better of England today! – (Photo:

For several years, a particular Uruguayan has been at the focal point of controversy within the English Premier League.  While his supreme talent has always been undeniable, Luis Suarez has certainly found himself in major trouble on multiple occasions.  He was accused of racism towards Patrice Evra and banned for 8 matches in 2011.  In 2013, he bit Branislav Ivanovic, earning himself another suspension that would rule him out of the first 6 games of the 2013-2014 season.  Despite the suspension, Suarez came back with a vengeance, scoring 31 goals in 33 matches and earning Player of the Year accolades.  But what he did today topped all that.

Due to his constant aggravation with the British FA and the media (who have even expressed a desire to ban Suarez permanently from English soccer), the player has constantly felt like an outsider to all of England, except perhaps the diehard Liverpool fans who cheer his every touch!

But those fans won’t be happy with the Reds hero today, as his two brilliant goals have practically destroyed England’s World Cup hopes and left the team with a miniscule chance of surviving the group stage.

You could tell instantly on the face of Suarez what those goals meant to him.  Yes, scoring any goal in a World Cup is a memorable moment, but you could tell that for him these goals were personal.  His burning desire to make an impact in this game stemmed from the way he has often been mistreated in England.

The prime example is the fallout he experienced following his racial tirade against Patrice Evra.  While any racist remarks should duly be punished, why was Suarez banned for twice as along as fellow Englishman John Terry, who had been convicted of similar racist comments towards Anton Ferdinand?  In the face of a trial against racism, the British chose to punish a South American far harsher than a man of their own nationality.  It was an item of the supreme hypocrisy.

Following the biting incident, Suarez seemed to be a man destined for the gallows according to the English media.  Further fueling the fire was that his bite went unnoticed during the match where he managed to score a dramatic late-game equalizer.  It’s almost as if he feeds off of controversy and uses it to play with more determination and power.  It can be a wonderful or terrifying thing to witness, depending on which team you’re rooting for…

The curious thing  looking ahead will be the endpoint of this latest transgression towards English soccer by Luis Suarez.  While his tremendous season did lift Liverpool back into the Champions League for next year, will he be graciously welcomed back into the fold, or will he be sent packing his bags in the coming months?

Every major club would want his services, and right now the main call seems to be coming from Real Madrid, who could offer £70million for the striker.  Will the British be able to look beyond this stinging performance by Suarez, or will they rise up as one and hurl him off of their precious island once and for all?

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WOD Nation Jump Rope. Finally Master Double-unders!

June 21st, 2014 by Admin

Hi there. I'm Suzy and I have been a very active and serious fan of CrossFit for many years now. I think CrossFit is awesome because I see it change people. Many of my friends in CrossFit have never seen themselves as athletes and after only a few days of joining they are doing things they never would have thought possible. It's so amazing.

One of the workouts we do to get in great condition is skipping rope. We do a specific kind of rope jumping that is called a double under. Double-Unders are different from regular jump rope skipping because we do two spins of the rope for every jump. It's probably the 1 activity in CrossFit that I struggled with the most.

My CrossFit box has a bunch of ropes that anyone can use and I was just using any old rope they had on hand but still could never consistently get more than two double-unders in a row. As I got more serious about CrossFit, my coach suggested that I get my own rope so that I could custom size it and always use the same rope.

There are many different jump ropes on the market but my coach recommended this one by WOD Nation. I purchased it on because they are the best online store with top customer service and a good return policy in case anything went wrong.

Right after I got the WOD Nation rope I adjusted it according to the instructions and tried it out. I was amazed! I was immediately doing more double-unders in a row than I had ever done before.

The WOD Nation rope has metal bearings in the handle and an rotating bearing at the end so the rope spins super fast and almost effortlessly which is perfect for double-unders. Now I'm asking myself why I didn't purchase one of these sooner…

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If you have been struggling to put together a bunch of double unders its probably because of 1 of these issues
A. you have been borrowing someone else's rope or a someone else's rope at your gym
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If you have been watching your buddies string together several double unders and finish workouts while you continue to stumble, now is the time to purchase your own rope! Stop using the kinked and broken jump ropes that everyone else borrows and that don't fit you. With a snip of a wire cutter, this rope will be custom fit to YOU and only you which means that every time you see double unders come up in a workout you will not be wondering how your rope will work.

The WOD Nation speed rope was created by a CrossFit athlete for CrossFit athletes. This rope is not a toy like some others you can buy on We use ballistic plastic grips to contain blazing fast metal bearings for a effortless and controlled spin. The rope is topped off with a metal extension spindle with an eyeball bearing tip that reacts to cable adjustments from the 1st double under to the hundredth and beyond.

This rope is for you if:
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Bicycle Light from SafeCycler Helps Keep You Safe While Cycling

June 21st, 2014 by Admin

How many times have you been out riding your bicycle and have virtually been hit by a sidetracked motorist? You see them all the time; chatting on the phone, texting, hurrying to get to their destination, bouncing around to their favorite track. Their mind is not 100 % on the driving.

A number of years ago my bro in fact T-boned a car that pulled out in front of him while he was cruising down a hillside. He had no time to respond. He collided with the automobile nearly flush. He was harmed quite bad however nothing critical. His Cervelo bike was totaled. The cops ticketed the motorist for failure to yield the right of way (big deal, she might have killed my bro!) and the motorist did not have insurance coverage. What a fiasco that ended up being.

You wish to avoid being in my bro's circumstance if at all possible. A Bike Light Set from SafeCycler will assist you preventing an undesirable experience like my bro had. The bike light set features both front and rear lights with super bright LED's that get drivers attention to assist them avoid hitting you. Both lights have a blinking function and the rear light has an arbitrary blinking function that will truly wake up a sidetracked motorist.

The SafeCycler bike lights are super easy to install. The front light is made from strong aluminum instead of cheap plastic like some inferior light sets. The fast release mechanisms of the SafeCycler bike lights permit you to easily take off the lights and take them with you when you park your bicycle.

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The front light has one big LED and releases an extremely bright white light while making the most of battery life. The housing is made from strong aluminum so even misuse by a child will not break the housing. The front light mount will fit on handlebars as much as 1-1/8 inch in diameter. The light has two modes of lighting, blinking and consistent on.

The rear light has three LED's that light up in red with three lighting modes: Blinking, random blinking (the very best), and full on. The rear light will fit on your seat post and it also has a clip that can be affixed to a bag you could have under your seat.

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Sportsman Pocket Chainsaw 36 Inches Long – Best Camping Saw

June 19th, 2014 by Admin

The very best quality! You will now have the sawdust flying in no time with Sportsman Industries Pocket Chainsaw. This 3 foot saw is a cutting beast! It cuts tree roots in seconds with its 36 inches of razor sharp teeth!
This saw is ideal for clearing branches blocking your road or path in the outdoors and can be used by anyone. This light weight,strong compact saw comes with its own carrying case with belt loop so it will never leave your side.

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How To Develop Your Endurance And Stay Fit Through Speed Rope Exercises? – CSX Pro 3000

June 17th, 2014 by Admin

Skipping Rope Exercises

Skipping rope on the spot for a very long time is probably quite dull however there is truly no good reason why you have to limit yourself to such unexciting workouts. If you want something more exciting then keep reading …

Skipping rope Interval Training

Try skipping rope as fast as you can for 30 seconds and then rest for 60 seconds. Repeat ten times for an effective 15 minute blast of cardio and fat burning. Looking for a greater challenge? Make like a boxer and skip rope for three minutes and then rest for one. Perform three to six rounds.

Tabatas, the daddy of all interval training workouts, involve working flat out for 20 seconds and then resting for 10 seconds. Repeat this sequence eight to ten times for a four to five minute exercise guaranteed to leave you feeling like that was the longest couple of minutes of your life.

Skipping rope Circuit Training

Circuit training is an excellent way to develop cardiovascular fitness and muscle stamina at the same time and it’s also a great fat burner. Try this basic bodyweight circuit exercise which works each of your major muscles and will burn a lot of calories too.
30 seconds skipping rope
30 seconds press ups
30 seconds skipping rope
30 seconds squats
30 seconds skipping rope
30 seconds crunches
30 seconds skipping rope
30 seconds burpees
Rest 30– 60 seconds and then repeat the entire sequence three to five times.

Skipping rope and Weight Training

Try doing 30 to 60 seconds of skipping rope between sets of each workout. This will not only save you time, the brief period of skipping rope will also improve your recovery so you will be able to exercise harder than normal.

Discover Some Tricks

Once you have mastered fundamental skipping rope, it's time to start getting fancy and learn some tricks. Learn how to do double and triple unders, cross overs, turns, knee lift sprints and any number of tricks you can discover on YouTube.

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Sportsman Pocket Chainsaw – Perfect For Survival Grear

June 12th, 2014 by Admin

The finest quality! You will now have the sawdust flying in no time with Sportsman Industries Pocket Chainsaw. This 3 foot saw is a cutting beast! It cuts tree roots in seconds with its 36 inches of razor sharp teeth!
This saw is ideal for clearing branches blocking your road or path in the outdoors and can be used by anyone. This light weight,strong compact saw comes with its own carrying case with belt loop so it will never leave your side.

The pocket chainsaw is designed to saw through the hardest of wood easily cutting in tiny spaces and is specially treated to help prevent rust and corrosion. Whether hiking or in a survival situation, this saw will never let you down.Begin your pocket chainsaw massacre now!

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Which Big Teams May Disappoint at the 2014 World Cup?

June 8th, 2014 by Admin

This article originally appeared at Soccer Classroom


The French destroyed their team bus after the horrendous 2010 World Cup experience! – (Photo:

While fans of all 32 World Cup nations are currently harboring visions of glory and wonderful victories, the harsh truth is that exactly half of those teams will be leaving the tournament following the group stage, and they’ll probably all be a bit disappointed.  For many squads like Australia, Costa Rica, and Iran, such a result is a near certainty, so it doesn’t hurt as bad.  But for a major team like England or the Netherlands, failure to progress through to the knockout stages of the 2014 World Cup would be seen as an astronomical failure!  Which big teams are currently at risk of a major disappointment in Brazil?

The Netherlands – They have high hopes following a run to the final in 2010, but this team lacks the same leadership it had then, especially at the back.  Gone our the steely veterans like Giovanni van Bronckhorst and Mark van Bommel.  Following a disappointing EURO 2012 campaign the squad has dealt with a lot of turnover, meaning a lot of young players will earn starts, particularly at the back end.  This spells disaster in my mind.  While Robin Van Persie, Wesley Sneijder, and Arjen Robben are wonderful players going forward, their defensive frailty could become their undoing.

England – On paper they have a mighty fine looking squad.  But also on paper, they face a group of death with Uruguay and Italy, and as the cards typically unfold for England, they’ll be left drawing the short straw.  While stars like Wayne Rooney, Steven Gerrard, and Daniel Sturridge have played magnificently all season long in the English Premier League, something always goes disastrously wrong in major tournaments for this nation.  They face a pressure unlike any other team, and their failure to adequately play with one another (likely due to fierce EPL rivalries) causes a serious disharmony on the pitch.  While the team sheet looks menacing, England is a soccer nation endlessly destined for World Cup failure.

Portugal – Also present in a frightening group of death is Portugal, better known as the Cristiano Ronaldo show.  Ronaldo is arguably the world’s best player at the moment and needs to win the World Cup in order to become a true soccer idol, but unfortunately his teammates are not quite up to par.  He knows that, and so do they, meaning that everything falls upon him, which works quite well against bad teams but not against the likes of this group, which contains Germany, Ghana, and the United States.  While I’d love to see the USA conquer Ronaldo and earn that second spot behind Germany, the smart money would actually be on Ghana, who could send Ronaldo packing from the 2014 World Cup in shame!

Belgium – Here lies another team that on paper looks very good.  Budding stars like Marouane Felliani, Eden Hazard, and Romelu Lukaku have been developing very well throughout their young careers.  Across the squad, they seem to have an excellent young players in the making at every position!  Even 19-year-old Manchester United wonder-kid Adnan Januzaj declared his nationality with Belgium for this opportunity!  But here’s the problem: No one on the team is over the age of 30.  It’s a bunch of kids playing in their first major international tournament.  While their group of Algeria, Russia, and South Korea doesn’t appear to be so bad, each of those teams have experienced big tournaments in recent years.  Belgium hasn’t been at a major tournament since the 2002 World Cup, when Marc Wilmots was a player.  Now as coach of this talented young bunch, can Wilmots get the team where they need to be to succeed in Brazil, or will their immaturity be a set up for a colossal failure?

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What Outfits Look Good With Boat Shoes – A Men’s Guide

June 6th, 2014 by Admin

It does not actually matter whether you on a boat or far away from the sea, one of the most stylish footwear styles over the Hot months is the boat shoe.

Boat shoes can be found in a whole array of colors and styles with many major design labels promoting their own range but the most popular is undoubtedly Sperry Topsiders.

But what do you wear with your Sperrys? This short video produced by Jay’s Barely There Socks gives some tips on what looks good with boat shoes and what does not.

Boat shoes look good for a casual effect. Jeans and shorts are best. Boat shoes look terrific with Chinos too but try to keep away from cargo pants, boat shoes are too smart for those, cargo pants are more suited to training or sport shoes.

Another way to examine this topic is what NOT to wear with boat shoes.

Always avoid sport gear, in fact never wear sport gear unless you are actually doing sport. It may be comfortable but it does not look good.

Boat shoes are a casual shoe and so should not be worn with a suit or dress pants. Just consider the name, boat shoes, would you wear dress pants or a suit when going for a day’s sailing or a boat trip? No,you probably would not, so don’t wear boat shoes to a formal occasion.

The most significantly asked question asked about boat shoes is do you wear socks with them or not? I say yes as you should always wear socks with any closed in shoe but in the case of boat shoes the socks should be no show socks as we don’t want to see them.

The video advises no show socks for men by Jays as they are 75% cotton and excellent value for money. Wearing these with your boat shoes keeps your shoes staying in better condition for longer and stops them smelling too. Jays Barely There no show socks for men are currently on sale at

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