Does Your Soccer Club Look Like a Soccer Club?

November 30th, 2009 by Admin

If you drove by our club facility a few years back, you would hardly be able to tell that a single club was training there. Players were playing in a rainbow of colors with nobody matching. Older players were playing “shirts vs. skins” in the scrimmage portions of their training. As a whole, it looked unprofessional and disorganized.

When our new Director of Coaching, Sheldon Cipriani came to the club, he made some immediate changes. First of all was the introduction of practice shirts for the players. Each player was issued a white and a blue shirt with the club logo on it (by the way this is a great tool for getting corporate sponsorships). They were instructed to wear one of these shirts for each practice session.

Creating a Club IdentityNot only did the players feel more like a part of something bigger than themselves (the club), but anybody driving by could easily determine that an organized soccer program was in effect. This was especially helpful when potential new players came by the fields as they knew to stop by and get more information.

There are some other very practical benefits to having team practice attire. Having all the players in one of two colors makes it very easy for coaches to split players up for competitive activities. Throw in a couple of red pennies, and you can quickly have three different teams for drills. Something as simple as having your players wear unified colors make a huge difference when it comes to coaching soccer more efficiently.

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