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The Osceola wild turkey, also called the Florida subspecies mainly because it’s only discovered on the peninsula in the Sunshine State, has by far the smallest range and population in the four major wild turkey subspecies inside the United states. Populations are estimated at in between 80,000 and 100,000 birds.

The Osceola is related in appearance for the Eastern Turkey, but tends to be smaller and darker in color. The white bars on the wing feathers are a lot more irregular and broken. Secondary wing feathers also have a tendency to be darker along with the body feathers, even though still iridescent tend toward a a lot more greenish/reddish hue. Common weights for toms taken by hunters have a tendency to range between 17 and 21 pounds.

Osceolas have a softer gobble than Easterns and care must be applied when hunting them on foggy or high humidity mornings as they are able to sound farther away than they basically are.

The Florida peninsula is laden with palmetto-choked swamps, oak motts and wide open pasture lands. Hunters have to negotiate near-impenetrable swamps working with only open fields or logging roads, making moving on a bird tricky. Understanding the terrain and how to get around it without becoming seen is essential. Setting up where birds will fly down from the roost inside the early morning or loaf through midday is essential as hunters are most effective served calling from 1 optimal place instead of risk moving around and spooking birds.

The largest challenge to hunting Osceolas is basically obtaining a place to hunt them. With substantially in the land privately owned, it could be tricky for hunters to locate a place, particularly nonresidents. You will discover various outfitters, although hunts are normally in high demand and may fetch as substantially as ,000 or a lot more for a three-day, one-bird hunt. The state offers some draw-only, lottery hunts on public land tracts that are each cost-effective and provide the do-it-yourself, budget-conscious hunter a top quality hunting expertise.

Check It Out: Florida-Since it’s the only place Osceola‚Äôs are discovered, you have got no choice. Although a guided hunt is normally the most beneficial strategy to go, top quality restricted access, public land hunts are an awesome alternative when you can draw a tag.

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