Backpacking for Beginners: Find out How to Backpack with One Amazing Book

May 7th, 2014 by Admin

One of my greatest dreams is to travel the entire planet – encounter different cultures, taste different cuisines and meet folks that see the world in a different way from me. Atop that, I am a remarkably bold person that’s why backpacking is best for me. I’ve been planning my first ever backpacking travel with my friends for months and I would certainly like my first time to be close to perfect. I thought I had every little thing planned well till I stumbled upon a book that saved me a lot of trouble.

One evening, I was searching the web for some backpacking pointers for beginners which led me to some publications on Why didn’t I consider this quicker? I totally like! Each and every purchase I have actually ever made online was via this internet site and I have not experienced a single mishap.

So, browsing through these backpacking and trekking publications, I thought that the most effective of the bunch was this publication called Backpacking Guide for Beginners by Jason Thomas. I purchased it and like I said, it saved me from a lot of trouble. Hiking is a fun but difficult undertaking and every little thing must be thought through appropriately previously hitting the trail.

I enjoyed exactly how the writer went into detail regarding all the important aspects involved in backpacking such as the suitable time to go hiking, safety measure, tools and gear, transportation, accommodation, important papers and even more!

It had a lot of pointers that a novice like me would certainly find really valuable. My beloved part of the book was the backpacking checklists (which I realized was essential just after I read the book) which also consisted of a winter season checklist.

So if you’re planning to go on a backpacking travel anytime soon, it’s a must to click the link below to get your very own duplicate of Backpacking Guide for Beginners by Jason Thomas. I guarantee you that your very first backpacking travel will certainly be smooth-sailing like mine did, all thanks to this amazing publication.

The Backpacking Guide for Beginners by Jason Thomas is the one book every backpacking lover ought to review prior to hitting the trail for the first time.

Composed in an easy-to-understand manner, the book goes into details and talks about
- the very best tracks to pick when just beginning,
- the vital gear you will need,
- ways to pick your backpacking equipment, from your backpack and sleeping bag to the minor things, such as toiletries and medications,
- the essential things to consider when traveling across borders,
- exactly what foods you can eat during your trips (including fast meals and recipes),
- exactly what garments to pack with you,
- and much more …

Nothing is left untouched.

Sprayed with a couple of backpacking tales from Jason’s trips, the book can be considered the go-to backpacking guide for anyone who loves the adventure of traveling and hiking.

Go ahead and click the “Buy” button today and benefit from the unique discounted offer!

Get yours now at for beginners/

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Peak Performance Every Time – Book Release

December 30th, 2011 by Admin

Simon Hartley with Peak Performance Every Time

At Soccer Classroom, we love to see great things happen to great people! It’s why we invest so much time in creating a resource that is useful to the community. We wanted to share a great thing that has happened to “one of our own” and a great guy.

Simon Hartley, an expert in sports psychology, has been writing for Soccer Classroom since nearly the beginning. We have enjoyed his professional demeanor, his kind spirit and most of all – his amazing insight. In short, he’s a real friend of Soccer Classroom and all our readers.

Simon’s first book, Peak Performance Every Time, was just released (that’s Simon holding the very first copy off the press!). It’s available for sale in the UK and is on pre-order in the United States. Here’s what I can tell you from my experience about working with Simon: he’s a consummate professional who is able to take very complex ideas and theories and place them squarely into the hands of the average person in very understandable and actionable ways. It’s an amazing and unusual talent. I’ve already seen glimpses of the book and I can tell you that it is outstanding. I highly recommend it. In fact, I’ve already placed my order with Amazon.

A reviewer of the book:

“I loved reading and using the performance tools in Peak Performance. The eclectic range of experts who have used them, confirmed that Simon has found a key set of success principles that anyone can use to maximise their own personal performance. Reading the book felt like a world class performance psychology session that I could pick up whenever needed.”

Chris Cook, double Commonwealth champion and Olympic swimmer

I can’t wait to get my hands on it! Simon, on behalf of the Soccer Classroom community – Congratulations! It’s an awesome accomplishment!

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Free Soccer Book Released

May 18th, 2011 by Admin

After many years and 100′s of requests, Coach V has finally started to publish the Free Soccer Book . It can be viewed right now online. Enjoy.

How To Kick a Soccer Ball – Youth Soccer Coaching and Training

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