Handy Fishing Tackle for New Anglers

June 3rd, 2012 by Admin

Fishing does not merely involve luck in the water but the application of science and technology as well. One of the best examples of a fishing tackle that provides an additional advantage in the water is the Chub Outkast Compact Rod. This model of fishing tackle comes with a wide range of features that gives the fisherman more advantage over the bait he is trying to catch.

This fishing tackle uses the latest innovative techniques in carbon casting, therefore creating a high technology fishing rod. Modern technology was used by this model to create a high function and beautifully crafted fishing rod. SIC or silicone carbine materials are used for its control functions. Other features of this rod are its SIC tip ring, carbon line clip, and its five double legged guide which is spread throughout its length. Despite of being highly efficient in water, this material still remains to be low maintenance so it is one of the favorite materials used in fishing rods and other gear. Lowering the friction factor, easier reeling of the line, and providing casting throws are the functions of the rod’s guides. Whether monofilament or double braided, these guides can be matched with almost any type of line.

The other features of this fishing tackle are its durable screw lock reel set, allowing for greater control of the line when in the water. The short butt grip of this equipment provides the angler better control of it even during wild and wet situations. The Japanese shrink wrapping keeps the water off the grip and provides a steadier handle on the rod. Because of these technological innovations, the Outkast often outperforms many of the reels within its class available in the market today.

This fishing tackle is ideal for long casting and long pulls of the line. Even though it is a multi-piece rod, it is still very easy to maintain because it can be broken down into four small and tight pieces which measures seven cm each. It also has a hook keeper ring and a laser etched anodized butt cap.

This fishing tackle is slim and lightweight, with a high modulus carbon fiber blank. The rod’s length has double legged silica carbine leg guides. These guides make reeling a much easier activity because it prevents entanglement and also lowers overall friction.

Overall, the Chub Outkast Compact fishing tackle is a fishing tackle that is very easy to transport and not to mention stylish as well. It can be used either in freshwater or seawater, is easy to maintain, and is not too difficult to handle in the water. It can easily manage a 2.5lb line to a 3.5 lb lin in driven blanks so it is perfect to use for heavy duty angling in high turbulent seas or for lightweight fly fishing. This rod has premium features and technological advances that can help an angler improve the odds of him getting a good catch.

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