Whale Watching in Margaret River: The Best Places to Spot Whales

May 18th, 2013 by Admin

Whale watching in Margaret River is one of the numerous awesome attractions in Western Australia. This is because of the vast stretch of ocean and beach.

What time of the year should you go whale watching in Margaret River?

The Southern Right and humpback whales swim from Antarctica to the warm waters of Margaret River. This is where they go to feed, but as winter draws near, they will journey to north to begin reproduction. They can first be seen in Flinders Bay, Augusta, starting from June through September. These gentle giants will then migrate to Geographe Bay in Busselton starting from September through December. It is during this migration period when you can have the best chance of seeing these amazing mammals.

You can also get to spot some Blue Whales which are already endangered in this particular place. They are quite hard to predict but they also migrate to the north for reproduction. It is best to go whale watching during midday when the sun is directly overhead, as the whales can most often be seen during this time of the day.

What are your options for whale watching?

Usually, there are two ways to get involved in whale watching in Margaret River. The first one is to charter boats or yachts. This will give you the best chance to spot these gentle giants up-close. Most boat charter companies give a 99% of seeing these giants. There are some who let tourists to join the cruise again for free if they have not seen a whale during their first cruise.

Also, having the best seat in a tour will give you the opportunity to be benefited from the tour operator’s superior knowledge about the area. He can give your useful tips and can tell you which spots offer the best chance of spotting these magnificent creatures.

The second option is for those who desire not to take a boat trip. They can just spot some whales from land. In June, a nice spot that provides a good chance of seeing whales if the Flinders Bay.

Here are other areas perfect for whale watching:

Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse: This edifice offers binoculars you can use to clearly see whales from a far.

Geographe Bay: One of the best places to go whale watching in Margaret River by land is the Georgraphe Bay. The best time to go here is from September through December. There are also some boats here you can charter.

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Watching Sports News For Quality Leisure Time

March 11th, 2012 by Admin

Everyone has a sport they are fond of. You may not be included in the category of the people who get into the field to play their game but you may be one of those who excitedly waits for updates about your favorite game on sports news. People vary in the sports that they like since some like group sports while some like individual sports. Sports has always been a part of our entertainment and leisure. It is usually played by a family for bonding purposes. For other people, they engage in sports to complete a workout regimen.

Having the inclination in a particular sport is usually acquired in the family line. A good example would be when a child sees both or one of his parents enthusiastic about a specific sport such as watching soccer news; he then, gains knowledge and appreciation of that particular sport. Sports news in general is part of the viewing schedule of most families. For sports-oriented families, sometimes the whole family has one favorite player or favorite team. But in many cases, it could happen that you and your father have opposing inclinations to teams or players of a specific sport. Either way you enjoy watching the sport especially when the teams are up against each other. Some parents prefer watching sports from home with their sons and daughters while others want a more up close and realistic viewing experience and thus, they watch live tournaments as family treats. There are many sports wherein teams have to compete in a span of a season. Sports news could provide a summary for the particular season or teams or games that we are interested in. Most television channels feature sports either in short programs or as part of the news program or as the main theme of the channel.

While there are several variety of sports, not all of them can be featured in a particular channel and in a particular country. An example would be the cricket news which is shown only in some places like England.Most of us have a sport for a hobby. You engage in this sport for exercise or for relaxation and entertainment. Sports news is surely part of your leisure time even for just a few minutes so that you could catch up with your favorite player or team. Thus, everyone allots some time to watching players and sports, even athletes themselves. They also have their own idols in a different sport that they are into. Thus, news about sports is an important part of everyone’s entertainment especially those who are sports fanatics.

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